The Thinker

The Thinker

You are successful.

You’ve done amazing things individually, and organizationally.

And now you yearn for something more . . .

Speaking to you as a visionary, when you engage with me as your coach, I will listen deeply to you. I will assist you to uncover your most important values. I’ll help to reveal your deepest aspirations and huge dreams. Together, we’ll transform your dreams into a strategic vision for making a difference and do what is required to turn that vision into reality.

Doing this requires that I push you to the limit of your assumptions. It requires that I challenge that which blocks your vision into becoming a reality. And it requires that I help you refine and further develop your concepts of yourself, others, and our world such that new vistas of change open up before you, enabling you to bring about the future you so passionately desire.

My process for working with my clients transforms them from the inside out. It is not for the weak kneed or the faint of heart. It is for courageous visionaries who dare to dream huge dreams and do what it takes to make them come true.

If you want create breakthroughs in your conceptions of large-scale changes and effective action, then schedule your initial session with Kelly Gerling, the coach for visionaries.

I’m constantly updating my skills and knowledge for your benefit.

Below is a certificate of graduation from my most recent training in coaching. It is from the 125 hour, 20-day program put on by Helen Attridge and the Academy of Coaching and NLP in the San Francisco Bay Area.